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1)How to purchase online?
Please refer to the following steps for details.

1. Membership Login: customer shall login before proceeding with online shopping.
2. Product Selection: customer shall choose their favorite items under “Products”.
3. Ordering: customer shall choose the size, color, pattern or style (whichever is applicable) of individual item and order quantity respectively.
4. Order confirmation: customer shall double check all items listed in shopping cart are correct and confirm the shipping way of their order. Customer should read and agree our Online Shopping “Terms and Conditions” and select payment method before they confirm the order.
5. Minimum purchase amount: HK$250 per order (excluding delivery charge).
6. Online Order Receipt: customer will receive an email titled “Online Order Receipt” after order confirmation.
7. Online payment: customer will be directed to our online payment gateway if they choose “Online” payment method for their order. Please click “Online Payment” and fill in your payment info. Customer should click “Confirm” after verifying all information is correct in order to proceed payment. Customer may also proceeding payment by clicking “Online Payment” on the right hand side of our page. (Remark: customer who choose “Online” payment method for their order shall complete the payment within 3 working days. Otherwise we (the Shop) may cancel all overdue order after the said period. We reserve the right for any dispute.)
8. Transaction record: customer shall print the transaction record after completion of payment. Or they can click “Continue” to return to our page.


2)Can I proceed order for "No Stock" item?

Customer cannot purchase "No Stock" item online. Please contact Scout Shop of Hong Kong directly at (852) 2957 6444 to check the order replenishment status before making an order.


3)Can I cancel the order?
The order cannot be cancelled after confirmed by the customer.
If you want to revise your order after confirmation, please contact us by phone (852) 2957 6444 or via email to immediately. We will handle your enquiry as soon as possible. Please provide your personal information and order number for verification.


4)How to review the order purchase?

Customer can login and go to "Your Info" to review the purchasing records within 3 months.


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HK Scout 110th Anniversary Souvenir Badge


Safe from Harm Badge Set


Foldable Bag


Montbell Wind Blast Parka


Montbell Wickron Tee (Orange)


Montbell Wickron Tee(Blue)


Montbell Wickron Tee(Grey)


Dragon Boat Festival Badge Set


Gregory Nano 18 Daypack


CHUMS Tote Bag(Amber)


CHUMS Tote Bag(Black)


CHUMS Tote Bag (Green)


CHUMS Tote Bag (Sand)


BP 2.0 Cartoon Figure


Mid-Autumn Festival Badge Set


HK Scout 110th Anniversary Token


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